logowhite.gif Welcome to my Haibane Renmei Shrine. Haibane Renmei is the brilliant work of Yoshitoshi ABe and happens to be my favorite anime. When I became interested in Haibane Renmei I noticed that while there were fan-made sites dedicated to the series, there was not one particular website that offered everything I was looking for. In creating this shrine I attempted to bring together everything a fledgling (or veteran) Haibane fan could possibly want. The character section has descriptions of the characters as well as several pictures of each. The episode summary section gives a cursory, and hopefully spoiler free, overview of each episode. The desktop section is a collection of all the Haibane desktops that I have found in my wanderings. The desktops were taken (with permission) from their respective websites and I suggest visiting their sites as well as mine (links are provided at the desktop page). There are several images from the series including scans I took from magazines (without permission.. ^_^;; ), scans of the DVDs, and even a picture that Fred Gallagher of Megatokyo drew for me. I plan on providing some sheet music as soon as I can get it worked out. And lastly, I provide the translated original doujinshi. Please go and buy the actual doujinshi and only use my translations for just that, translations. Don't rip off an artist as great as ABe. With that said, enjoy the site! I'd love to hear anything you have to say so please contact me.